Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I host a Happy Camper Party?????

In the comfort and safety of your own home!

Is there an age limit for a Happy Camper Party?

Certainly not! Happy Camper Parties are great for all ages!

What do I need to prepare for a party?

Open space with access to wall outlets.

Are your teepees available to purchase?

Absolutely! Message us for pricing!

How Much space?

Each teepee requires a space of 4x4 feet. You'll want to ensure the room you are hosting your party in can fit not only the number of teepees you requested, but that it has plenty of space between them for the movie projector, and the camp fire!

How to I book a Party?

Easy! Just go to our booking page here, select a date and number of guests for your party.

How long does it take for Happy Camper to setup a party?

Typically it takes between 30-60 minutes depending on the room.