Learn more about Happy Camper Parties and the importance of having fun.

As a mom of two for over twenty years and an educator for more than 23 years, I know a little bit about children. I’m well acquainted with what sparks imagination and creativity.

One of my favorite things, when I was a child was when my mom constructed a fort for my sisters and I out of blankets and chairs. I remember how we would play in the fort for hours going on adventures under the stars while never leaving the living room.

When I became a mom I knew I wanted my children to experience that same world of wonder and excitement. I made my children a permanent tent so they could explore any time they wanted. The tent became so popular with neighbors, family and friends that Hide and Seek Teepee was born. For 17 years I have been making and selling Hide and Seek Teepees.

Now I want to bring to you a new concept for a truly fun party or celebration that creates the atmosphere of sleeping under the stars with a whole campsite. Happy Camper Parties is unlike any other party venue you will ever experience.